Alphonse Bouy

Junior developer, designer and student at HETIC.

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  • This future portfolio

    (One day hopefully)

    It will be cool.

    Together with Hugo Chapelain (Design) & Marin d'Assignies

  • Feuille de Route

    (June 2019)

    Feuille de Route is a school project. We had 3 weeks to create a data-journalism media, with a specific chosen theme. Ours was "Transports" and we decided to talk about the transports and how they impact the environment. For this we created an interactive tool and a serie of easy-to-read articles. Check it out ! (You need to speak a bit of French though)

    Role: Project Manager, UX Designer & Developer

    What I used / learned: Wireframing, Wordpress, VueJS, Google Place API, Leaflet

    Together with many people

  • Marin's Portfolio

    (June 2019)

    Marin is one of my closest friends. He is a great product owner / project manager /business developper and we work together really often. He wanted to code his portfolio himself so I taught him a bit of VueJS to get him started. I then handled the animations (really enjoyed working on the page transitions) and all the little things that make the site work.

    Role: Developer

    What I used / learned: Interaction design, VueJS, GSAP, Netlify

    Together with Hugo Chapelain (Design)

  • Red List

    (April 2019)

    Redlist is another school project. We were tasked with creating whatever we wanted using PHP and an API in 4 days. We chose the Redlist API of IUCN's Endangered Species List and created an interactive map which you can browse to explore the different species in danger all over the world. It was one of the first projects where I really took part in the design process, thinking about the whole experience of the website. I did my best to realize it, learning with it some new front-end skills like SVG manipulations. Check it out ! (some loading times might be a bit long)

    Role: Project Manager, UX Designer & Front-end Developer

    What I used / learned: UX Research, SVGs, AJAX loading, Display Grid

    Together with Gabin Daupley (UX & UI Design) and Samuel Belolo (Back-end development)

  • Hugo's Portfolio

    (March 2019)

    Hugo is also one of my closest friends. He makes great designs and we are working together whenever we can (you may have gotten this already). He needed a portfolio and I wanted to learn VueJS and fiddle a bit with GSAP. I also tried my hand at some Strapi for the back-office. The whole thing is hosted on Netlify.

    Role: Developer

    What I used / learned: VueJS, GSAP, Netlify

    Together with Hugo Chapelain (Design)

  • Warpcore Audio

    (June 2018)

    The first ever website I developed and put online! For the end of our first year at HETIC we had to find a real client to make / remake their website. We found Matthieu, a sound engineer and music producer who needed a website to show who he was and to get new prospects. Not an easy task for beginners like we were but I like to think we did ok.

    Role: Main Developer

    What I used / learned: PHP, PHP Form handling, video optimization, Analysis of a client's needs.

    Together with Hugo Chapelain (Design) & Marin d'Assignies (Project Management).

The lab

  • s h a d e r s

    (August 2019)

    During my internship at This Page Amsterdam I had the opportunity to spend some time learning shaders. Here are some cool things I created. (THREEJS for the geometries, materials are pure shaders).

    Personal project

  • JARVIS Interface

    (October 2018)

    CSS experience. The goal was to create a futuristic interface.

    Personal project

  • Epic Fight

    (February 2018)

    We had 1 week to develop a JavaScript game from scratch. It was pretty fun.

    Role: Developer


  • July - September 2019: Internship at This Page Amsterdam as a front-end developer.

    What I did and learned: Development methodologies, VueJS, React, GSAP, WebGL and Shaders (👈 very cool)

  • July - August 2018: 2 months at 36pixels where I worked as a front-end and Wordpress developer on a variety of projects, including Avenement Paris and Not Guilty